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User Manual Cellink AC charger

  TIP The main Cellink battery is meant to be installed and charged inside the vehicle.  Alternatively, you can charge the main Cellink battery using the optional AC charger.      1. Switch off the engine of your car.  2. Remember the... Read More

What is the switch for?

This switch is designed to power ON/ OFF and select the Charging Mode.  When the switch is slide to the centre position, the Cellink battery is switched OFF, this will stop the charging to Cellink battery and power to the dashcam.  When the... Read More

Can I bring Cellink battery on a plane?

According to the IATA (International Air Transport Association) spare batteries under 100Wh can be carried on a plane in a carry-on luggage–NOT in checked luggage–like most lithium batteries, without requiring the operator’s approval. It... Read More