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Can I use Cellink battery with any dashcams?

1) The output voltage from Cellink battery ranges from 11V to 14.2V with up to 2.0A current. 

2) Typically, it is used for any 12V powered dashcams. 

3) Main Cellink battery comes with two types of output cable:

a) Female cigarette Lighter Socket

b) Hardwiring cable (3-wired)

Output cable for Cellink NEO

4. With female cigarette lighter socket cable, most dashcams is unable to switch to *parking mode as without the ACC trigger, the system is unable to detect the status of the vehicles. This means these dashcams will keep on recording as long there's power from the Cellink battery and only in Normal recording mode and unable to optimise the power consumption or file storage capacity. Unlike BlackVue dashcams, they are able to support Parking Mode as it has unique algorithm to detect the vehicle status using the built-in G-sensor. If there’s no vibration been detected continuously for more than 5 minutes (vehicle is idle), it will switch to Parking Mode. 

5. With the hardwiring cable (3 wired), most dashcams can support the parking mode by detecting the presence of ACC trigger. 



*Parking Mode may refer to Time Lapse, Motion or Impact Detection recording as to optimise the power consumption or memory storage. 

Parking Mode function may not be available for all dashcams, for the details, please check the manual of your dashcam.