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D20-Q2 - Safety Camera Features







Safety Camera Alert is powered by Cyclops (UK), the global leaders in accurate and up-to-date safety camera data. Be alerted when you are approaching red light cameras, speed cameras and mobile camera zones..Safety cameras are used all over the world. They enforce speed limits and improve road safety. With Safety Camera Alerts, drivers reduce their speed hence makes journeys safer for everyone on the roads.




Vueroid D20-Q2 is compatible with Safety Camera Alert.




The Safety Camera database is available for download from time to time for improved accuracy and performance. You can update the database to the dashcam using the Vueroid App or PC. 


3.1 Using Vueroid app

  1. Tap on the Vueroid app
  2. If there’s a new database, you will be prompted to update it. 

  3. Tap on "Download". 
  4. Connect Wi-Fi to your dashcam.
  5. Tap on "Setting".

  6. Tap on "Safety Camera Upgrade"

  7. Tap on "OK" to continue to upgrade. 

  8. Tap on "OK" and make sure don't power OFF the dashcam while upgrading. 

  9. Upon upgrade completion, connect to the dashcam and confirm that the latest version of database appear here. 


3.2 Using PC

  1. Go to your PC browser and type and click on Support > Downloads or type

2. Download the latest Safety Cam Database for your dashcam model.

3. Remove the SD card from the dashcam and insert to PC. 

4. Copy the downloaded database (for example safetycam_sg.dat) to the SD card.

5. Power on the dashcam and database upgrade will be performed automatically. 

6. Connect to your dashcam and confirm that the latest version of database appear here.