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Please read this section carefully before using and installing the product

  1. Mishandling of CELLINK batteries can lead to degradation of performance and result in problems related to heating and fire etc. 
  2. Use only the original cables and accessories provided with the product. No extension of power supply cable is allowed. 
  3. Connection of power supply cable to the fuse tap cable must be clamped with proper tool. 
  4. Do not install the product in a confined area without any ventilation.
  5. Do not replace the fuse with other ratings, correct fuse rating for hardwiring cable is 20A and cigar jack cable is 10A. 
  6. If hardwiring installation is required, we always recommend to be performed by professionals, preferably our authorised dealers. 
  7. If you are installing using the cigar jack cable, please ensure that the switch must be at the "LOW" or "FIX" position. This will prevent damage to the cigar jack cable or other parts due to over current. 
  8. Do not use cigar socket splitter as such accessories normally unable to handle the wattage requirement of Cellink batteries. 
  9. When storing the battery, keep out of direct sunlight and do not store in a high temperature environment.
  10. Do not place the battery in microwave oven or a place with high pressure.
  11. Do not throw or give the battery any types of shocks.
  12. Do not repair or remodel the battery on your own.
  13. Keep the battery out of contact of water or other liquid.
  14. Do not disassemble, compress or drill a hole on the battery using sharp equipment.
  15. Keep the battery out of contact of children or pets.
  16. When there is a strange smell during use, discontinue using the product and exchange with a new product.
  17. Cellink battery is a consumable item. If the battery is defective, please disposed responsibly and exchange with a new product. 
  18. Do not use the battery in a static environment as it can affect the performance of protection circuit. 
  19. Keep the connection terminal of the charging cable of the battery out of contact with conducting elements.
  20. Never use the product for anything else other than the power supply for dashcam.