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User Manual Cellink NEO Extended 7+

1.0 Introduction 

Thank you for purchasing this Cellink dashcam extended battery made by Egen Inc. 
This instruction manual contains information on how to operate your dashcam extended battery.
Before using the product, we recommend that you read through this manual to ensure correct usage.
To improve the performance of the product, the contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice.


The CELLINK NEO Extended 7+  Battery is the expansion pack which adds more capacity to the main NEO battery.



1.1 Safety


For user safety and to avoid property damage, read through this manual and follow these safety instructions to use the product correctly.

  1. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product yourself. Doing so may cause fire, electric shock, or malfunction. For internal inspection and repair, contact the service center.

  2. Do not use a damaged or modified power cable. Only use the cords provided by the manufacturer. Damaged or modified power cable may cause an explosion, fire, or malfunction.

  3. Do not install the product in an environment with high humidity, or combustible gases or liquids. Doing so may cause an explosion and/or fire.

  4. Do not spray water or wax directly onto the product while cleaning the inside of the car. Doing so may cause fire, electric shock, or malfunction.

  5. Do not install the product in a confined space or cover with material without ventilation. Failure to do may cause excessive heat or fire. 

  6. Do not use cigar jack splitter to power the product as it normally has low power rating. Failure to do may cause excessive heat, fire or malfunction. 

  7. Do not place the battery in microwave oven or a place with high pressure. Failure to do may cause explosion or fire. 

  8. Do not throw or give the battery any types of shocks. Failure to do so may cause malfunction. 

  9. If smoke or an unusual smell is emitted from product, detach the power cord immediately. Contact the service center or your distributor.

  10. Keep the terminals of the power cable clean. Failure to do so may cause excessive heat and fire.

  11. Plug in the power cord firmly so that it cannot easily be disconnected. Failure to do so may cause excessive heat or fire.

  12. Use the correct input voltage. Failure to do so may cause explosion, fire, or malfunction.

  13. Keep the product away from children or pets. Failure to do so may cause electrical shock or malfunction. 

  14. If you charge the product using the cigar jack cable, make sure the switch is selected to FIX/ LOW for low current current. Failure to do so may cause excessive heat, fire or malfunction. 

  15. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperature environment when storing the product. Failure to do so may cause fire or malfunction. 

  16. Cellink battery is a consumable item. If the battery is defective, please disposed responsibly and exchange with a new product. 

  17. Do not use the battery in a static environment as it can affect the performance of protection circuit. 

  18. Never use the product for anything else other than the power supply for dashcam.


1.2 Overview


1.POWER SWITCH : To turn ON/OFF the unit itself

2. CHARGING PORT TO NEO : To connect from the main NEO battery and discharging connector for connecting to the dashcam.

3. LED INDICATOR : Please ignore the LED if its connected to BlackVue or Vueroid dashcams, Lower current consumptions on these dashcams will not trigger the LED to light on properly.

4. USB 3.0 : The 5V output connector for charging a mobile product as a Smart phone.




1.3 Product Properties

  1. NEO Extended 7+ is the successor to the NEO Extended 7 which comes with some improvements.

  2. NEO Extended 7+ is an extension battery pack to adds more capacity to the main NEO battery.

  3. Compatible NEO battery to use with NEO Extended 7+; (NEO6 , NEO8+, NEO8+ S)

  4. It has a capacity of 6,800mAh/ 87Wh

  5. Combination of  NEO 8+S and NEO Extended 7+ are good for about 54 hours to power dual-channel dashcam

  6. Please take note that NEO Extended batteries cannot be charged as a standalone, they must be connected to the main NEO batteries (NEO 6, 8+ or 8+S).

  7. NEO Extended batteries cannot used to power up a dashcam independently


1.4 What’s Included


  • ​Cellink NEO Extended 7+  x 1 unit
  • Input Cable Link to NEO  x 1 unit
  • ​Velcro Tapes x 2 sets


1.5 Specifications


Input Power ▷ When connected to the Cigar Lighter Socket DC12~17V | Max. 6A
▷ When connected to the Fuse Box ACC power DC12~17V | Max. 13.5A
Output Power ▷ Dashcam connector  DC 11.0V ~ 14.5V | Max 2A
▷ USB connector  DC 5V | Max 2A


Charging Time


Cigar Jack  ▷ Connected to NEO8+ | Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Fuse Box Connected to NEO8+ | Approximately 45 minutes
Product Rating  12.8V | 6,800mAh | 87Wh
Power Duration About 54 hours*
*using 2-channel dashcam with average 4W power consumption 
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4)



2.0 Installation



2.1 Automatic Setup



  1. With the new NEO Extended 7+, it supports auto detection when connecting to the NEO 8+ S.

  2. Battery capacity for NEO 8+ S is 7,500mAh and NEO Extended 7+ is 6,800mAh.

  3. Once you plug the link cable to the IN/OUT Auto port of NEO 8+S, the system will update the total capacity (7,600 + 6,800 = 14,300 mAh) automatically.

  4. You can verify the capacity by using the smartphone app, Cellink NEO Plus which shows the total capacity of 14.3 Ah.

2.2 Manual Setup


  1. If you are connecting more than one unit of NEO Extended 7+ , auto detection function is not working hence please refer to the following photo for the proper connection.

  2. Upon the connection, please key in the added battery capacity manually to the app.

  3. If you are adding two units of NEO Extended 7+, please add 2 x 6,800mAh = 13,600 mAh. 

  4. NEO Extended 7+ is also compatible with earlier models, NEO 6 and NEO 8+.

  5. There's no limit of the quantity of NEO Extended 7+ connected, you just need to add the capacity manually via the app.

2.3 Setup Using CELLINK NEO PLUS App

  1. If you are connecting the NEO Extended 7+ to earlier models NEO 8+, you have to key in the capacity of extended battery manually using the Cellink NEO Plus app or else it is just "Plug and Play" if connects to NEO 8+S. 

  2. Run the Cellink NEO Plus app and connect to the NEO battery.

  3. Once connect click on the setting 

  4. Key in password. Default password is 1234.

  5. In the setting page, input the  NEO battery capacity and NEO extended capacity.

  6. Click "SAVE"

  7. The apps will auto update the total capacity of the batteries.


3.0 Disposal guidance of battery

  1. Don’t throw away your batteries, separate them with recycled items.

  2. Do not incinerate battery and put in the fire. Heat may cause explosion and fire.

  3. Do isolate them each other when disposing the secondary batteries having different electrochemical systems.

  4. Dispose of the battery in discharged state to prevent heat by short circuiting.

  5. Please dispose the battery responsibly in accordance with the regulations and requirements of your local authority in your country.


4.0 Product Warranty

  1. The warranty period of this product is 1 year from the purchase date.

  2. If the product fails during normal and correct use within the warranty period, our service center will repair the product free of charge.

  3. Any disassembly, modification or alteration of the product will void the warranty.

  4. The cost to repair or fix any malfunction or problem caused by incorrect usage during the warranty period may be charged to the consumer.

  5. The manufacturer shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by incorrectly using the product.


5.0 Customer Service

  • Manufacturer: EGEN Inc., Republic of Korea. 

  • Local Service Centre: Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd, 8 Boon Lay Way 04-02 Tradehub 21 Singapore 609964  |  Tel: (65) 61009691 |